Pre-Neolithic Island Southeast Asia: Linking human-environment histories across landscapes and seascapes

Conveners: Kate A. Lim ( & Alfred F. Pawlik (
Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines, Albert Hall, Quezon City 1101, Philippines
This session discusses current perspectives on environmental changes during the Pleistocene-Holocene transitional period and the relationship to past human populations as seen in the archaeological data of Island Southeast Asia (ISEA). Major research advances have been made on the timeline and the fossil and artefactual records of early human migration. Current evidence suggests that long-distance open water expeditions by anatomically modern humans (AMH) were made as early as c. 65,000 years ago initiating the colonization of Sahul (Australia and New Guinea), and the Wallacean islands.
These researches have exhibited a growing appreciation on how shifting environments and changing sea-level directly affect human movement, subsistence, technology and exchange, to the extent of understanding how Neolithic societies have been established. In addition, models and patterns on human impact to different environments have developed shedding light on the nature of resource exploitation and addressing today’s conservation issues. These concepts play a significant role in approaching a holistic outlook on humanenvironment reciprocal interactions detailing human responses and their adaptive capacity to thrive and survive in a dynamic setting amidst external pressures.
We invite scholars who research on the prehistory and palaeoenvironments of Island Southeast Asia and draw out points of convergence in the emerging Paleolithic and preNeolithic record of ISEA to contribute to our understanding of this period as well as to initiate discussions on the effects of climate change, currently a main global concern.

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