Analytical Strategies and Cognitive Resonant

There is a diversity of approaches and studies in archaeology, including use of scientific equipments with or without clearly defined methodology or justification of their application. There are broadly four main perspectives in the domain of cognitive archaeology – Processual archaeology, Post-processual archaeology, Cognitive-processual archaeology and Evolutionary-cognitive archaeology and all focuses on the ways that ancient man/ societies thought and symbolic structures that can be perceived in past cultural and material cultures.
Reasoning correctly involves representing the constituent elements of a argument with premises, intermediate conclusions, and final conclusions. There are two fundamentally different analytical strategies – Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top. An analytical approach is the use of a process to logically arrange a problem down to multilevel elements. It is necessary to solve each element. The structured approach enables a researcher with an open mind to examine each element of the decision or problem separately and systematically and leaves scope that all alternatives can be considered. The outcome is almost always more comprehensive and more effective than with the instinctive approach. The analytical approach is indeed a proper use of reason to solve problems. 
Models that simultaneously simplify and amplify the power of the original more resonant to our minds as the models make the original more present.
The rise of cognitive studies has brought about a new understanding of the hominine mind and also has brought together the social and natural sciences leading to breakthroughs in many fields. For example, the progress in the prehistoric lithic tools has been seen not only as technological innovations and improvisation, but also as a process of cognitive advancement in the prehistoric communities. Similarly, other aspects of human actions/ activities have been generally categorized and periodised on subsistence economy. However, attempt (s) to piece together tangible elements with intangible aspects of hominines like believes, customs, religion, burial practices, art and most importantly the idea and reasoning behind such aspects have not been adequately addressed.
Hence, cognitive resonant based on comprehensive analytical approaches and strategies under the domain of cognitive archaeology is the call of the hour. Applications of science and technology without rationale of its use or structured methodology may not lead to cognitive resonant and ultimately to understand cognitive ecosystem. This session welcomes papers on the use of analytical strategies and approaches for cogitating hominine cognition in archaeological landscape or at site (s). This can be true for both the pre-historical and historical archaeology.
Professor Prakash Sinha
Department of Ancient History,
Culture & Archaeology,
University of Allahabad-211002
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Dr Sukanya Sharma
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

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- Tác giả: Trần Bá Việt - Nxb: Tri Thức - 2007 -  Khổ sách: 11 x 20cm - Số trang: 344 tr
- Tác giả: Bảo tàng TP. Hồ Chí Minh - Nxb: Hải Phòng - 2013 -  Khổ sách: 18 x 20cm - Số trang: 140tr
- Tác giả: Trương Bính, dịch: Đoàn Như  Trác - Nxb: Công an nhân dân - 2004 -  Khổ sách: 13 x 19cm - Số trang: 183tr
- Tác giả: Sakaya - Nxb: Tri Thức - 2015 -  Khổ sách: 10 x 18cm - Số trang: 112 tr
- Tác giả: Sakaya - Nxb: Tri Thức - 2015 -  Khổ sách: 10 x 18cm - Số trang: 99 tr
- Tác giả: Nhiều tác giả - Nxb: Hội Nhà văn - 2018 -  Khổ sách: 14,5 x 20,5 cm - Số trang: 667 tr
- Tác giả: Lưu Trần Tiêu, Ngô Văn Doanh, Nguyễn Quốc Hùng - Nxb: Văn học - 2018 -  Khổ sách: 14,5 x 20,5 cm - Số trang: 343 tr
Tác giả: Nguyễn Văn Kim Nhà xuất bản: Nhà xuất bản Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội Năm xuất bản: 2019 Kích thước: 14.5x20.5 cm Số trang:...
Tác giả: Nguyễn Quang Ngọc, Nguyễn Văn Kim Nhà xuất bản: Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội Năm xuất bản: 2018 Kích thước: 16x24cm Số trang:...

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Khổ 19x27cm; Dày: 100 trang
Khổ 19x27cm; Dày: 100 trang
Khổ 19 x 27cm; Dày: 100 trang
Khổ 19 x 27cm; Dày: 100 trang
Khổ 19x27cm; Dày: 100 trang
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